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TrainingKrav Maga Ramstein class (English)

Krav Maga Ramstein classes
The teaching language is English.

Monday 17:30-19:00

School complex
Lilienstraße 19, 66877 Ramstein-Miesenbach, Germany
The entrance to the gym is from the parking space side.

The try class is free
Please, use the red button above "Probetraining" to sign up for the free try class.

The further participation is possible after purchase of a 10 classes voucher for 119 € to buy only via our web shop here:

Scroll for the 10er Karte. After wiring the payment we send the voucher via email to you.

The minimum age for the participation in the classes is 16 years..

Further questions
In case of further question feel free to contact us under: