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Die unten aufgeführten Units, hier nach Themen unterteilt, stellen das gesamte Curriculum dar.

Unit 1 - General Information and Theory

  1. History of K.M. and of it's founder
  2. Dealing with a dangerous event:
    a. State evaluation, process of dealing with an event
    b. Neutralizing a danger and all its aspects
    c. Possible outcome of a violent conformation.
  3. Principles underlying the defense techniques.
  4. Principles underlying the attack techniques.
  5. Training by principles - from techniques to real life variations
  6. Using common objects for self defense - theory and practice.
  7. Rhythm and pace.
  8. Using /relying on natural reactions to correct or prove a point.
  9. Principles and techniques of mental training.


Unit 2 - Teaching Methodology; Human body

Unit 3 - Preliminary Considerations

Unit 4 - The Basics

Unit 5 - Attacking with the Hands

Unit 6 - Attacking with the Legs

Unit 7 - Defenses against Punches

Unit 8 - Defenses against Kicks

Unit 9 - Releases from Grabs, Chocks & Holds at high level

Unit 10 - Releases from Grabs & Holds at medium level

Unit 11 - Releases with Throws

Unit 12 - Release from holds & grabs on the floor

Unit 13 - Leverages & Takedowns.

Unit 14 - Defense against attacks involving a stick / club.

Unit 15 - Defenses against attacks involving a knife (edged weapons).

Unit 16 - Defense against threats involving a knife (edged weapons).

Unit 17 - Defense against threats involving handgun.

Unit 18 - Defense against threats involving Submachine gun.

Unit 19 - Using common objects as weapons in defense against armed assailants

Unit 20 - Self defense against two assailants or more (armed with knife/stick or not armed)

Unit 20-25 - Military training units

Unit 26-30 - Law Enforcement training unites

Unit 31-33 - Additional units for Security and VIP Protection

Unit 34 - Self-defense for Children - Applications and transformations of the basic techniques and training methods for children.

Unit 35 - Self-defense for Women - Applications and transformations of the basic techniques and training methods for women.

Unit 36 - Fighting Drills.

Units 37-38 - Fighting Tactics and applications.

Unit 39 - Fighting in different positions & places.

Unit 40 - Ways and applications of mental training.

Unit 41 - 44 Training Methods for the above units.

Unit 45 - Simulations and scenarios, analyzing and training accordingly.

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