Frederic, G4 joined few days ago the annually Summer Camp in Bodø, Norway. Read below his review from the camp. Thank you for the article and we are waiting eagerly for his next reportings from KM events around the world.

“Attacked in a bus, drowned, kicked from a chair, body tight in duct tape and freeing yourself, crawling, jumping, falling, getting up, taking down, being tossed over stony ground, carried away by kidnappers, resisting your fears and a shock knife, hunted by angry team working groups of attackers all over the place, punching, kicking, biting and so much more… Sounds like your end is near… or you just finished the amazing Krav Maga Summer Camp in Bodø, Norway guided and teached by Rune Lind and his excellent  team of Krav Maga Experts.


Out of the comfort zone, right away into reality Bodø is embedded in beautiful nature in the North of Norway a luckily equipped with an airport so you can easily get to there. The close by Black Box Gym of our host Rune is located in walking distance and as you could sleep there is actually no need to go anywhere. But hey, who would be lazy enough not to explore the beautiful location while resting between the sessions?


Guess what, this is more mentally than physically challenging. Of course resting was the minor part of the camp. Actually the 6 days were crammed with training and theory in all different and often exotic types of scenario going through material from P2 and much beyond like 3rd party protection, women specific defense and the Mental Conditioning course. Especially kidnapping, travel safety and mental stress were making the headlines. Some participants even took the chance to be tested for their next level. So there was little time for boredness and literally the time flew by except for some amrap’ish exercises (Insider ). It was a great time with making new friends, diving deeper into Krav Maga and last but not least learning much more about yourself. My recommendation for your next active vacation is definitely the Summer Camp Norway 2017. See you there… above and under water.

Some more picture of the beautiful nature and Bodø.”





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